Job Description:

Person in this position will manage and develop investments in non-conventional mortgage loans and mortgage related products for accredited and institutional investor pool of A&D Mortgage. Will plan, direct and coordinate long term investment strategies for domestic and international clients with emphasis on general fundraising, market counseling, comparing and structuring loan purchase processes.

Job Duties:

  • Select specific loan portfolios for purchase by investors;
  • Develop and implement investment strategies for investors by type such as residential income, commercial, construction etc.;
  • Meet with domestic and international investors, private equity funds, family offices and other institutions, interested in investing in mortgage loans, real estate-backed securities, fixed income and alternative investment products, to determine goals and/or discuss investment strategies;
  • Calculate servicing, reserve and risk costs, evaluate revenue of loan programs, to determine profitability for investors and business;
  • Review and evaluate financial markets trends and general market news;
  • Make investment presentations, offering term sheets, marketing materials;
  • Determine clients’ investment preferences and prepare proposals and agreement forms of products to complete sales and deals;
  • Negotiate terms and collateral with potential and current investors;
  • Complete quarterly and yearly development forecasts; complete monthly investor meeting plans; perform statistic plans and reports;
  • Verify and analyze regulatory, tax and compliance requirements for domestic and international investors, including anti-money laundering law requirements;
  • Implement company’s strategy with institutional lenders, attorneys, broker/dealers, insurance companies, title companies, data analytics and IT companies, hedge funds and other accredited investors on all financial-related issues of fund-raising and capital allocation;
  • Manage all direct activities with various banks, private funds and multi-family offices relationships of the company with additional focus on overseas institutional investors in Europe and Asia Countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Cyprus, Latvia, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore;
  • Work on developing relationships with high-net-worth individuals in other emerging and developing markets;
  • Manage and organize partnership network of investment advisors, wealth managers, broker/dealers.


Candidate Requirements:

Education: Minimum of a Master’s Degree (including equivalent foreign degree) in finance, economics, or banking.


– Minimum 3 years of working experience in:

– Investment products sales & advisory;

– Managing client investment portfolios (deposits, AM accounts, bonds, credit linked notes, structured products);

– Structured finance deals & mortgage investment sales;

– International Private Banking;

– Mortgage deals

  • Working Knowledge in International Private Banking business – understanding of typical client risk-profiles, service demands, client background determination, sources of wealth, business objectives, typical yield orientations and market trends.
  • Working knowledge and proficient in – MS Excel financial modeling, MS Word, Microsoft Outlook email and planning, Bloomberg Professional fixed income, MBS and portfolio reporting tools, Microsoft Power Point presentation modeling.
  • Working Knowledge in accounting, fixed income market, foreign exchange, basic taxation rules, financial investments and banking practices in different jurisdictions such as Russia, Latvia, Cyprus, Cayman, Hong Kong, Austria, Andorra, Switzerland.


Training provided: No


Main Area of Employment: Broward County


Required Travel: May required. Ability to travel to Europe, Asia, Russia at least 1-2 times per year for up to two weeks trip duration.