A neighborhood is a very important factor to consider when buying a home, because the value of your property will largely depend on its location. A few indicators of a good neighborhood are: highly-rated schools, convenient access to public transit, and nearby parks and shops.

Location features aren’t the only things that make up  a good neighborhood. In many cases, it is the community residents that dictate how a neighborhood looks and feels. In the age of social media, it’s easy to stay within your own network, and not look outside your social circle for new friends. Below we’ve outlined three important reasons to get to know your neighbors.

  • Convenience

The first benefit to knowing your neighbors is the convenience that comes along with the relationship. With a good relationship, you won’t need to hire someone to watch your pets or water your plants when you’re out of town. Friends in the neighborhood can also help you with packing and moving if you ever decide to move somewhere else.

It is also good to have spare keys at a neighbor’s house! If you ever lock yourself out or have an emergency and someone needs to get inside, you’ll be glad that a neighbor has a spare key.

If you develop a really strong relationship, a neighbor may even become a convenient option for a babysitter.

  • Safety

Safety is another aspect of a neighborhood that can be affected by the community members. If you get to know your neighbors, they will be more likely to look out for you and your home. If you want to help keep your neighborhood safe, consider organizing a neighborhood watch. Neighborhood watch organizations can help keep your community safe by raising awareness about frequent crimes in the area. They can also coordinate with local authorities to request street signs to make potential criminals aware of the fact that the neighborhood is under surveillance by community members.

As mentioned above, giving a neighbor a spare key can also help with your safety. If a trustworthy nearby neighbor has access to your home, they will be able to assist you in an emergency situation.

  • Community

The third reason to get to know your neighborhood, is to have a sense of community around your home. Belonging to a community is very beneficial, and can make you and your family feel comfortable in your home. It is especially good for children to have local friends that they can play with. Neighborhood friends can ensure that a child develops social skills, and knows how to interact with friends outside of a school setting.

    Ready to meet your neighbors?

If you aren’t sure how to get started, sites like Nextdoor.com can help you organize a neighborhood watch group and keep up with news around the neighborhood. Community members can post about anything from lost pets, to interesting community news. It’s best to develop an in-person relationship with your neighbors so that you can truly get to know each other. Starting with a site like nextdoor.com can help you find neighbors who are also interested in building a strong community!